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Report: ACT test scores improve

Kyle Moroney • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:04 AM

Michigan’s ACT scores have been below the national average since all state students began taking the test with the class of 2008. Michigan’s ACT scores were above the national average when the test was optional and taken mostly by students who planned to go to college.

“We went up across the board,” Grand Haven Area Public Schools Superintendent Keith Konarska said this morning.

This year’s 385 Grand Haven High School graduates who took the ACT test while they were juniors scored an average of 20.8 in English, 21.6 in math, 22.3 in reading and 22.2 in science, with a composite score of 21.9, according to Konarska.

“These scores are above the county and state averages,” he said. “We’re pleased to see the progress of our students. Congratulations to our staff who help our students compete at the highest level.”

Konarska said school officials will analyze and evaluate the scores, and determine which areas to focus on for improvement.

“These scores do not reflect some of the strengths in other areas, like the arts, but it is one indicator,” he said.

There were 193 Spring Lake High School students — who graduated this year and took the ACT test as juniors in 2010 — scoring an average of 23.5 in English, 22.7 in math, 23.6 in reading and 23.5 in science, with an overall composite score of 23.5, according to SLHS Principal Mike Gilchrist.

“We’re very pleased with the scores and the composite score of 23.5 is exactly where we’ve been,” he said. “But being complacent is certainly not our goal. We will move forward and look at what improvements we need to make.

“Our success goes to our classroom teachers, who are very committed at looking at the curriculum and working with our students,” Gilchrist added. “These are district scores and deserve districtwide applause.”

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