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Soldier visits third-grade class

Anonymous • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:12 AM

When students in the third-grade class of Diane Lysiak arrived to school that morning, they were surprised to see Army Specialist Nathan Witkowski in their classroom. The class was under the impression that Witkowski, the son of their teacher, was still serving our country in Afghanistan. 

Over the past three years, students in Lysiak’s classroom have written to Witkowski while he served overseas. Their letters were a heartwarming reminder of home, his mother said. Many had questions about his daily job duties and what it was like to be in Afghanistan, and some wanted to know of his favorite things.

Witkowski said he took time to read through each letter and responded when time permitted.

Witkowski decided to show his appreciation by requesting a special flag for the school. The flag he presented was on board an Army RC-12 X reconnaissance aircraft engaged in a combat reconnaissance mission on July 4. The flag will be displayed in front of the school, Lysiak said.

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