GH schools get $316K boost

Krystle Wagner • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:53 AM

For the second year, the Grand Haven district will receive a Best Practices Incentive Grant from the Michigan Department of Education.

The school district will receive $52 per student for meeting all eight of the grant program's criteria.

Donna Bylenga, the district’s director of business services, said they expect to receive a total of $316,658, which will be placed directly into the general fund to support expenditures.

“It is extremely important to the district because of reductions in funding,” she said.

Although the district only needed to meet seven criteria to win the grant, Bylenga said they met all eight.

Superintendent Keith Konarska said the criteria falls in line with the district’s practices, so it didn’t require any changes to meet it.

“I’m very pleased we’re receiving it because it helps slightly fill the gap that’s been developed with reduction in funding for schools,” he said.

Criteria and funding amounts changed for districts hoping to receive the grant. Last year, districts were required to meet four of five criteria, and received $100 per student.

Grand Haven schools received $596,241 from the 2011 grant.

Although the amount schools receive has decreased, the revenue remains important because the district is operating at funding comparable to the 2005-06 school year.

Schools must meet seven of eight criteria for the Best Practices Incentive Grant:

— Hold policy on medical benefit plans (if directly employed by district).

— Obtain competitive bids for the provision of 2012-13 non-instructional services.

— Accept applications for enrollment of non-resident pupils under Section 105 or 105c.

— Monitor individual pupil academic growth in each subject area at least twice during the school fiscal year, using competency-based online assessments.

— Support opportunities for pupils to receive post-secondary credit while attending secondary school.

— Provide a link on the school district’s home page to the MiSchoolData online tables.

— Provide physical education consistent with the 2003 state board policy on quality physical education, or provide health education consistent with the 2004 state board policy on comprehensive health education.

Source: Michigan Department of Education

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