Students grow hair for others

Krystle Wagner • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:11 PM

Kristen Christoffersen’s fourth-graders expanded their service project to include the entire school and community when they donate their hair to Wigs 4 Kids, an organization that makes wigs for Michigan children who have suffered hair loss from cancer and other diseases.

When the class kicked off their project, they hoped 20 willing students would cut their hair in May. So far, 37 students and staff have made the pledge to chop their locks. Several others indicated they might join them, if their hair meets the proper length requirements.

Participants must have hair that's 9 inches or longer before the May 23 celebration when stylists will volunteer their time to make the cuts.

Fourth-grader Macy Carey said she plans to donate her hair because she wants others to feel pretty and confident.

“I love my hair, but it’s better to give it to other people,” said Carey, 9.

Growing her hair out for a cause isn’t new for Olivia McKenna. The 9-year-old chopped off her long locks a few years ago.

McKenna said she planned to donate her hair again because everyone should feel confident, even when it means lending her own hair to help.

“Your hair will grow back,” she said.

Each week, the St. Mary's class sends participants in Wigs 4 Kids letters of encouragement and tips. The tips include trimming hair regularly, having a healthy diet, massaging the scalp three times a week to stimulate growth, and not washing your hair every day.

Although Madison James isn’t donating her hair, the 10-year-old writes letters of encouragement to thank them for being a hero. She said the donations will give the recipients a chance to be themselves again.

“For everyone who has cancer, it will be all right because they will have hair again,” James said.

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