Schools: No guns here!

Krystle Wagner • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:19 PM

The proposed Michigan School Protection Act would give school administrators the option to allow teachers and other employees in public schools to carry a concealed weapon on a school campus. House Bill 4098 is now before the House Education Committee.

Grand Haven Area Public Schools Superintendent Keith Konarska said the bill leaves him with many questions and significant concerns.

Konarska questioned if the law would make schools safer. He also asks, how could they be certain the weapons wouldn’t get into the wrong hands? And how does it change the climate in schools?

Konarska also wonders if it would encourage parents to carry weapons to conferences and sporting events.

“None of these questions are easy to answer, and I have no doubt that they would be major issues for our board if asked to consider the proposal,” he said.

Spring Lake Public Schools Superintendent Dennis Furton said sufficient security to provide a safe learning environment is a top priority, but he doesn’t agree with the bill’s supporters.

“In fact, looking at how the brain reacts to crisis — even amongst highly trained individuals — would suggest that we don’t want to have staff members carrying (guns),” he said.

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