The sky's the limit for Class of 2013

Krystle Wagner • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:40 PM

Here's what some graduating seniors had to say:

Dillon Appel, 17

Grand Haven High School

When the Robinson Township resident Dillon Appel began working at an auto body shop two years ago, he found his career.

“Seeing a car come in completely destroyed and knowing it’ll leave looking like a million bucks,” inspired his career aspirations, he said.

Appel will commute to Baker College of Owosso one day a week for classes so he can work full-time four days a week to pay for school.

Once Appel finishes his two-year degree to become an auto body technician, he plans to plant permanent roots in the Grand Haven area.

He would ultimately like to manage an auto body shop.

Danni DiTrapani, 17

Spring Lake High School

While teaching Spanish to a special education class last year, Danni DiTrapani discovered her passion.

DiTrapani said it was rewarding seeing the students recite the words she taught them when they later passed her in the hallway.

“That’s when I really knew what I wanted to do,” she said.

DiTrapani plans to attend Michigan State University, where she will study special education and receive a bachelor’s degree.

After school, DiTrapani said she would love to teach in Spring Lake or at least somewhere in Michigan so she is close to her family.

Kassi Nelson, 18

Grand Haven High School

Kassi Nelson plans to follow her dream of working in the medical field.

The Robinson Township resident said she has always wanted to become an obstetrician or work in pediatrics because she enjoys working with children.

Nelson will attend Central Michigan in the fall to study pre-medicine. She plans to double-major in Spanish, which will later enable her to travel around the world and help more people.

Following medical school, Nelson said she would love to return to Ottawa County.

“I don’t have any motivation to go anywhere else,” she said.


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