Positive reactions to chemistry

Krystle Wagner • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:54 PM

Children ages 7-12 are learning about chemical reactions by making ice cream and miniature lava lamps during the weeklong Science Smorgasbord Camp. The camp at Lakeshore Middle School is hosted by the Northwest Ottawa Recreation Authority.

Monday’s “whoosh bottle” demonstration has been 10-year-old Gabby Scott’s favorite part of camp, at least so far.

The “whoosh bottle” involved Lakeshore Middle School seventh-grade science teacher Melissa Jaeger pouring a chemical into an empty water jug, then slipping a match into the bottle to ignite the liquid. A loud bang rang through the room and contained flames danced inside the jug.

“It’s really cool to see how things react from one another,” Scott said.

On Tuesday, campers learned about what it takes to make ice cream. The students also used milk, sugar, salt and ice to make their own ice cream.

Brendan Vandermeer, 11, said making ice cream has been his favorite lesson because it ended with a tasty treat. He said he also enjoyed watching the ways the chemicals reacted when they met the fire.

Vandermeer said he likes the camp because science is an interesting class.

“You do experiments and stuff you can’t do at home,” he said.

Tommy Yonan, also 11, said the experiments are the best part of camp because it gives them a chance to see new things.

“Mixing the stuff together is fun,” he said.


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