Queen promotes the arts

Krystle Wagner • Jul 21, 2015 at 1:16 PM

The Fruitport High School senior used her Homecoming Court platform to organize a “Poetry Takeover” as students “invaded” classrooms, hallways and the cafeteria by reciting poems. They sometimes used megaphones to have their voices heard.

Sander, president of the student writing club called Imagery, said the group had wanted to do an event to promote the arts for a while. Last week provided the opportunity to take the spotlight off Sander, because she prefers to fly under the radar.

“We wanted to make our mark,” she said.

The group started the week by reciting their favorite poems and popular pieces so other students would immediately recognize them. As the week progressed, students requested poems and artists, and snapped their fingers when the poems ended.

Sander said it was both nerve-wracking and liberating to stand up in front of people who might not have been previously exposed to poetry.

“(It was) the highlight of my week,” she said.

Fruitport High School teacher Paul Pretzer said it was "powerful" for his students to participate in the “Poetry Takeover.”

“It took courage to go into rooms and recite poems,” he said.

Members of Imagery had shirts made with Sanders’ initials, “LRS,” as a way to support her during school and the Sept. 27 Homecoming football game.

Senior David Wills said they wanted to support Sander and make her feel more comfortable as she was crowned Homecoming queen.

“No matter where I go in life, I will remember the Imagery family who has been there for me,” Sander said.

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