'Wreath of Carols' is tonight at GH church

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:54 AM

The concert is part of the church’s Community Artist Series. Admission is free.

"The Wreath of Carols" is a long-standing tradition of the choir. It is presented in a "collage" format, meaning that it moves from one musical selection to another with no applause between pieces. Choir, soloists and audience all take their turns at telling, or reflecting on, the Christmas story.  

A 16th-century choral piece may be followed by a 21st-century solo, or a carol sung by the audience may lead to a dissonant-sounding choir piece full of clashing chords, and then to an organ or piano solo. In all, 25 musical selections will be heard in just over an hour.

The church, 508 Franklin Ave., will sponsor a reception after the concert.

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