Next week in GH: Michigan Pirate Festival

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:59 PM

With their theme, "Pirates through the Ages," pirate re-enactors from historical to fantasy personas come from around Michigan and the Midwest to entertain everyone from young powder monkeys to seasoned buccaneers.

New to this year's festival is the Mermaid Queen with a group of her mermaids. This is the first performance for the mermaid group in Michigan.

The pillagin' and plunderin' begins at 9 a.m. Aug. 5 when the library opens. Kids are invited to pick up a treasure map from the chest located at the library's Youth Services Area. This treasure map will lead young pirates and their families around downtown Grand Haven in search of fortune.

Featured pirate guests this year will be Billie "Tiger Billie" Beach and his brother, Clint "M.A. d' Dogge" Beach. Billie was a New World Pirate in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" and Mr. September "the Marooner" in the Dona Maitz 2011 calendar. Clint was a featured Guest Pirate Soo Chef on the Food Network's "Dinner Impossible: Pirate Peril." They are the pirate team known as "The Forsaken."

Festival brochures may be picked up at Loutit District Library, 407 Columbus Ave., during normal business hours. Otherwise visit michiganpiratefestival.com or www.loutitlibrary.org.

The schedule of events includes: A treasure hunt, small arms demonstration, pirate story time, pirate crafts and coloring on Aug. 5; a pirate carnival and belly dancing class on Aug. 6; sparring with Sparrow and friends, a pirate theater and a mermaid sing-a-long on Aug. 7; pirate crafts and coloring, dress like a pirate, and a piratical concert on Aug. 8; pirate story time, Sea Shanty sing-a-long, and a pirate sail-in on Aug. 9. Following Friday’s sail-in, the festival will move from Loutit Library to Harbor Island for activities from the evening of Aug. 9 through Aug. 11. While events at the library and Friday night’s festivities at the Island are free, admission will be charged Saturday and Sunday to Harbor Island’s family activities - $5 for adults and children younger than 13 are admitted for free.

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