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GPS History Hunt No. 1 answers

Anonymous • Jul 21, 2015 at 10:58 AM

Site 4, Petty’s Bridge: 43º 05.435’ N 86º 10.568’ W: North side of the bridge at 17697 N. Fruitport Road, courtesy of Kathy Reminder.

Site 5, Lawrence School: 43º 05.541’ N 86º 03.170’ W: Located in Crockery Township 1/2 mile north of Nunica, east of 112th Avenue at 10962 Walnut Drive.

Here are the answers for GPS History Hunt 2, June 16-19:

Site 1, Rix Robinson trading Post: 43º 03.922’ N 86º 14.057’ W: On the riverfront between the Depot Museum and the Musical Fountain bleachers.

Site 2, Spring Lake’s first cemetery: 43º 04.642’ N 86º 11.661’ W: Spring Lake VBK Funeral Home, 213 E. Savidge; courtesy VBK.

Site 3, Ferrysburg’s first City Hall: 43º 05.073’ N 86º 13.271’ W: The original “fire barn” on the northwest corner of 174th Avenue and North Shore Road; courtesy of city of Ferrysburg.

Site 4, Driving Park: 43º 02.432’ N 86º 10.358’ W: 14992 Curve Street, off Mercury Drive in Grand Haven Township; courtesy of Sharon Mapes.

Site 5, Felix’s Marina: 43º 01.581’ N 86º 08.209’ W: 14023 Green Street, Robinson Township; courtesy of Felix Pytlinske.

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