Young students converge on GH for ArtWalk Education Day

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:08 AM

“Our Spring Lake fourth-grade classes are very excited to come to Discover Art in Your Community Day this year,” said Mary VandenBosch, a teacher at Holmes Elementary School in Spring Lake. “We have 84 students and five adults attending. Then, all of our second-grade classes will be going on a separate ArtWalk field trip the following week.”

The students had an hour and a half to view the art and complete their scavenger hunts. The entire group then headed to the Grand restaurant to pick up free sack lunches for a picnic along the waterfront.

ArtWalk organizer Steve Loftis said about 400 students attended ArtWalk Education Day, up from a little more than 300 at last year’s inaugural event.

“We strongly believe in introducing art to the younger generations so they can develop an appreciation for paintings, sculptures and other types of art early on in life,” he explained. “This educational event is just one of the ways we’re opening up ArtWalk to children during these few weeks.”

Along with the field trips, ArtWalk will host a Youth Competition on Saturday and Sunday at Loutit District Library for artists age 17 and under.

Also on Saturday, youngsters and parents can attend the Family Art Day at ArtWalk headquarters from noon to 4 p.m.. Guests will paint on canvas this day. There will also be live music, performance art, games and free food.


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