Double-takes run in GH woman’s family

Marie Havenga • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:11 AM

“I feel very lucky,” said Rebar, 84. “I don’t know anybody who has that — especially not like I have it.”

The double-entendres began in 1958 when Rebar gave birth to identical twin sons, Tom and Bill Pushaw. Rebar was married to the late David Pushaw at that time.

Almost two decades later, Rebar became the grandmother of twin girls, Christine and Laura — who were born to Rebar’s oldest son, Jim, and his wife, Mary. The fraternal sisters were born in 1976.

“All I remember is getting a phone call,” Rebar recalled. “Jim said, ‘Mother, you better sit down.’ I asked if they were going to have twins.”

And true to the old adage that things come in threes, Rebar was destined for another set of shared birthdays. Her granddaughter, Amy — who is the daughter of Rebar’s daughter, Susan — gave birth to twins Marcus and Ethan almost five months ago in Virginia.

“I was talking to Susan while she was visiting Amy and (husband) Tony (Chai) in Virginia,” Rebar recalled. “She said, ‘Mother, Amy wants to talk to you.’ I knew she was pregnant. She said, ‘Guess what, Grandma? I’m going to have twins.’ She just yelled it out.”

Rebar hasn’t met the newest doubles in the family yet, but she hopes to soon.

“I don’t do much traveling, but I hope they can get up here sometime with them,” she said.

Rebar gave birth to the only identical twins in the family, and she said Bill and Tom played it up big. She noted “the best one” was when the boys graduated from Grand Haven High School in 1976.

“When they were called up to get their diplomas, they switched places,” Rebar said. “You couldn’t tell who was who with the cap and gown on. We got a big laugh afterward when we found out.”

Rebar said it’s still difficult to distinguish their voices.

“When they call, sometimes I’ll say, ‘Who is it?’” Rebar said. “There are times I guess wrong. Their voices are very similar.”

The matriarch of the family has been married to Joe Rebar for 32 years. She said she loves her position as the mother of twins, grandmother of twins and great-grandmother of twins.

“When I thought about that one day, I thought — ‘How wonderful, what a good feeling,’” she said. “I feel very lucky. We take it as a blessing. We’re close and we love one another very much. Usually every conversation ends with ‘I love you.’”

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