Local woman working to put permanent roof over her head

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:14 AM

“Prior to me coming to the Hope House, I was staying in my vehicle,” she said.

Diane said she lived near a local laundromat, where she would work and also tend to basic grooming needs such as washing her hair in a sink and doing her clothes at the facility. According to Diane, the reasoning behind her stay in the car was because things weren’t working out for her where she previously lived.

“It wasn’t working out with my mom and dad, so I didn’t have anyplace else to go, so I moved into my car,” she said.

During the day, when she wasn’t living in her car, Diane said she would occupy her time by taking a lot of walks at local parks.

“It wasn’t really too cold,” she said. “Then I went and got some food that I could eat in my car and at the laundromat.”

Fast-forward to July 7 when things began to look up for Diane. That’s when she moved into the Love INC Hope House in Grand Haven.

Now, she is on her way out of living without a home and is working with Love INC to better herself.

Diane said the process to a better life began when she went to Love INC’s Fulton Street location and talked to financial counselor Pam Morgan to see what kind of options were available. Eventually, Love INC Executive Director Eric Morgan and Hope House Director Kathy McGraw allowed her to stay at the new facility.

“I don’t know what I would do if we didn’t have this program for women like myself,” Diane said.

In addition to providing a roof over her head, a bed for the night and a place to eat, the Hope House also offers a way for Diane to get her life back on track. This includes job seeking, budget counseling, communication classes, Bible study, cooking classes, and parenting and exercise courses.

“When I do leave the Hope House, I am going to continue to go to budget classes,” Diane said.

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