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GH man turns in lost purse loaded with cash

Len Painter • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:16 AM

After she loaded her car with groceries, Corbin drove off and headed to a fast-food restaurant to get something to eat. As she reached over for her purse to pay for her order, the Spring Lake woman discovered her purse wasn’t in her car.

She had inadvertently left her purse in a Meijer shopping cart. Corbin panicked; after all, she had a large sum of money in her purse.

“I just about died,” she recalled. “I thought the money was gone.”

Corbin rushed back to Meijer and asked the greeter if anyone had returned a purse. She was relieved to hear that a man indeed had found it.

Corbin went to the store’s Courtesy Desk and discovered that all of her money was still in her purse.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

Corbin asked the clerk if anyone had left a name. The clerk told her that the man didn’t leave his name.

When Corbin returned home, she discovered a phone message. Grand Haven resident Duane Burkhardt had found her purse, and his wife had called to see if she got her purse back.

Burkhardt had just parked his vehicle on Dec. 8 when he noticed an opened purse “with a wad of cash” in it sitting in a shopping cart. He found a driver’s license and copied the name. He zipped the purse and took it with him into Meijer.

Burkhardt then called his wife to have her call the woman whose purse he had found.

“I had a lot on my mind that day and left my purse,” Corbin said. “I wouldn’t have a dime left if I didn’t get that money back. ... God was looking after me.”

Burkhardt wouldn’t accept her offer of a reward.

Corbin said she never again will carry a large amount of money in her purse.

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