SL Twp., Ferrysburg share costs of sewer lift station upgrades

Marie Havenga • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:17 AM

The lift stations near Smith’s Bayou and at the corner of VanWagoner Road and 174th Avenue will be refurbished in 2012. Spring Lake Township and Ferrysburg customers each constitute about 50 percent of those stations’ flow volume and have shared maintenance costs for many years.

The communities received a $235,000 federal grant for the Smith’s Bayou project and will split the remaining $50,000 cost.

They will also split the $206,000 bill for refurbishing the VanWagoner/174th station. The remainder will be paid by a state revolving fund low-interest loan.

The township obtained the financing, but both communities will share in the savings.

The work — including new variable speed pumps, floats and notification systems — will begin in early 2012 and be completed in about year.

The improvements are part of a $5 million townshipwide sewer project that began earlier this year.

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