Ski Bowl supporters want to raise a barn

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:18 AM

“The barn that we’re raising today is part of the Mulligan’s Hollow Master Plan that was adopted by the City Council a couple months ago,” said Mike Pepper, president of the Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Bowl Association. “It’s a storage facility for our snowcat groomer, which is an important piece of equipment for the Ski Bowl every year.”

In addition to storing the groomer, the 2,000-square-foot barn would also store items like rails and snow-making equipment, and even provide the maintenance crew a place to work.

“For our crew, it’s going to be fantastic,” said Stacey Reierson, director of the Ski Bowl. “They’re going to have a warm place to work in the winter on the equipment.

Our equipment is going to last much longer because it’s going to be kept inside and out of the elements. Right now, it’s been stored outside all summer and it’s not good.”

The new barn joins the Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Lodge, which was built and opened in 2005 with funding from the Grand Haven Rotary, the city and the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation.

“It’s designed to be to be able to match into the ambiance of the hollow, so some of the external elements will match what you see in the lodge,” Pepper said.

With Thursday’s “groundbreaking,” the Ski Bowl association is officially in a fundraising phase for the storage and maintenance barn.

“What we’d like to do is raise about $100,000 to be able to complete the construction of the barn,” Pepper said. “We’d like to finish it early enough in the spring to be able to store all of the equipment for the summer.”

People interested in donating to the project are encouraged to call the Ski Bowl offices or visit Mulligan’s Hollow.

“This is the major fundraising objective for us right now,” Pepper said. “We’ve been working for about three years to try and build a storage facility on-site.”

According to Reierson, the addition of the maintenance garage is just the tip of the iceberg of things that she would like to see happen at the hill area over the next several years.

“We really need some more hill space,” she said. “We’ve grown tremendously over the past eight years. On busy days, there are just a ton of kids.”

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