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Holiday card from dead woman arrives 11 years late

AP Wire • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:18 AM

Lorraine Beauchamp said the envelope was postmarked in 2000 and has a 33-cent stamp, the price of first-class mail 11 years ago. And the sender, her sister-in-law Marion Beauchamp, died in 2010.

“I was afraid to open it,” Beauchamp told The Daily News in Iron Mountain. “I can’t believe it. I still can’t. It was the only card I got that day.”

Employees at a mail-sorting center in Kingsford said the card could have been stuck for years in a canvas bag, or that Beauchamp could have been looking through old cards and got the one from her sister-in-law mixed up with those.

Beauchamp, 85, lives in Quinnesec in the western Upper Peninsula near Wisconsin. Her late sister-in-law lived about 5 miles away in Iron Mountain.

The card says, “Dear Sis,” followed by a Christmas message; and then is signed, “Sincerely, Marion.”

Beauchamp said she plans to keep it.

“It was just a shock. We are laughing about it, but maybe she’s telling me something. ... She was a character. I always liked her,” Beauchamp said of her sister-in-law.

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