Bailey tops names of dogs licensed in Ottawa County

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:20 AM

“Close behind in order of the number of licenses issued were Buddy, Molly, Sadie, Max, Zoe,” he said, “while Lucy, Bella, Sophie and Maggie were even further behind.” 

At the unusual end of the spectrum, here are a few names that will probably not make the top 10 anytime soon: Peach Pit, Mr. Noodle, Maestro and Crazy Bean. 

The top breeds licensed in 2011, Slagh said, were: Labrador retriever (2,829), golden retriever (1,336), shih-tzu (822) and beagle (635).

Last year brought several significant changes in that all Ottawa County dog licenses began renewing in the month in which the dog’s rabies vaccine expires, Slagh said. Additionally, 2011 was the first time both one- and three-year licenses were sold in the county. 

Ottawa County dog licenses for 2012 can be purchased online at the county treasurer’s website and by mail; or in person at the county treasurer’s Fillmore Street and Grand Haven offices, and participating veterinarians and government unit offices. Veterinarians selling county dog licenses are: Southkent Vet Hospital, Hamilton Vet Clinic, Georgetown Animal Hospital, Jelsema Vet Clinic, Chicago Drive Vet Clinic, Haven Animal Hospital, Prelesnik Animal Hospital, Harborfront Hospital, East Holland Vet Clinic, Mapleview Animal Hospital, Ottawa Animal Hospital and Zeeland Vet Hospital.


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