2012 Winterfest photo contest winners

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:21 AM

Adult sports

1.  Bob Peskorse, “How high can you fly”

2.  Charles Dewitt, “Fishin’”

3.  Mikki Stalzer, “Out to sea”

Adult people/portraits

1.  Valerie Haan, “Reflection of a princess”

2.  Ann Schippers, “Eternally Grandma Myrtle”

3.  Kimberley Holton, “Wild child”

Adult nature

1.  Gina Kukulski, “Driftwood”

2.  Charles Dewitt, “Frosted treat”

3.  (tie) Joann Guthrie, “Wintree”; and Dale Gathergood, “Beechtree”

Adult animals

1.  Dale Gathergood, “I got it”

2.  Valerie Haan, “A new life begins”

3.  Mikki Stalzer, “James”

Adult pier

1.  Matt Smolenski, “Jan. 9, 2012”

2.  Bob Peskorse Jr., “Sunset silhouette”

3.  (tie) Sherry Winchester, “Final fire”; Suzanne McCabe, “Winter walk”

Adult buildings

1.  Charles Dewitt, “A hilltop view”

2.  Barbara Wessel, “Preserving our past”

3.  Jim Weaver, “Hemlock Crossing bridge”

Adult other

1.  Barbara Wessel, “On duty in rough waters: Semper paratus”

2.  Mikki Stalzer, “Caressing Taylor”

3.  Joel Bradshaw, “Fence fatale”

Adult altered images

1.  Gina Kukulski, “Bubble”

2.  Barbara Wessel, “The twelve twenty-three”

3.  Sherry Winchester, “Northshore sunset”

Youth sports

1. Cole Myhfe, “Shores vs. Grand Haven”

2.  Robert Wood, “A day at the Ski Bowl”

3.  Erika Boomgaard, “Nothing but football”

Youth people/portraits

1.  Sophie Stoepker, “A windy walk”

2.  Autumn Ballard, “Gone fishin’”

3.  Cole Myhfe, “No guts no glory”

Youth nature

1.  Sarah Liane Snider, “Barron’s beach”

2.  Shawna Hendrixson, “Berries”

3.  Alli Michalak, “Summer lust”

Youth animals

1.  Sophie Stoepker, “Dog day afternoon”

2.  Cole Myhfe, “Duckies”

3.  Molly McGinnis, “Green eyes”

Youth pier

1.  Sarah Liane Snider, “Respect”

2.  Jana Lohde, “Hug the snow and hide yourself”

3.  Autumn Ballard, “Into the fog”

Youth buildings

1.  Sarah Liane Snider, “No. 5”

2.  Rebecca Rapin, “Winter at the beach”

3.  Danae Postma, “The light within the dark winter”

Youth other

1.  Kenzie Trowbridge, “Hause kommen (coming home)”

2.  Caitlin Quigley, “Aqua steel”

3.  Ericka Boomgaard, “To the pointe”

Youth altered images

1.  Sarah Liane Snider, “Spring all around”

2.  Alli Michalak, “Living in a fantasy”

3.  Molly McGinnis, “Red hot nails"

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