Grand Haven Twp. woman encourages healthy eating

Marie Havenga • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:24 AM

On Saturday, the Grand Haven Township woman shared her story and health hints with about 35 people at Spring Lake District Library.

Albrecht rattled off some shocking statistics during her “Growing Healthy Kids” presentation — 79 percent of disease is lifestyle and diet related; by age 12, close to 70 percent of children have hardening of the arteries; by 8 a.m., people apply, ingest or are exposed to more than 300 chemicals.

Albrecht chronicled the dangers of soda and sugar, encouraged ingestion of fresh fruits and vegetables, and informed the crowd they need to consume half of their body weight in purified water ounces every day.

“We are the ones who put the fork in the mouth every day,” she said about our responsibility to ourselves and our children. “We are the ones who shop.”

The foods we choose should come from nature, not the factory, according to Albrecht — and it’s better to eat many small meals daily than three large ones. She encourages setting out a muffin tin full of sliced fruits and vegetables so that children can graze throughout the day.

Albrecht also noted the importance of exercise and rest.

“While we’re resting, our bodies are healing,” she said.

Albrecht encouraged interested Tri-Cities residents to visit the “Growing Healthy Kids on the Lakeshore” page on Facebook.com for more information.

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