Pump prices jump

Becky Vargo • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:27 AM

David England had just gotten out of work in Grand Haven early in the afternoon when he heard that gas prices had already gone up in Muskegon, so he drove to the Admiral station in Spring Lake to fill up.

"Gas prices are always lower in Spring Lake," the Muskegon man said.

The Wesco station across the street had just raised its prices a few minutes earlier (about 1:15 p.m.) to $4.15 for regular, up from $3.86.

England said he filled up his car, went home to Muskegon, grabbed the other car and some gas cans, and drove back to Spring Lake. He filled three 6.5-gallon gas cans and topped off the gas in his car — with premium gas.

"It was $81 for 20 gallons of premium," England said.

Bill LeMaire was also taking advantage of the "lower" gas price in Spring Lake.

"The other day, I filled my tank up and it was $60 — the same as my paycheck for my first job out of high school," said the Muskegon man who drives a bus for Grand Haven Area Public Schools.

Find the lowest gas prices in Ottawa County here.

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