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Tulips bloom early

WZZM-TV • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:28 AM

Tulips are in full bloom almost everywhere in downtown Holland.

"At least half of them are blooming already," said Andy Kenyon of the Holland Parks Department.

The city is cooling 1,200 tulips in a storage unit to keep them from growing quickly.

"The ones downtown are in full bloom and the ones in the storage would be at the same rate if we didn't bring them inside," Kenyon said.

The tulips in storage will mainly be used for floats in the Tulip Time parades. City officials said nearly all the others will have come and gone by Tulip Time.

"By the time we have Tulip Time, there will be some flowers remaining,” Kenyon said. “However, they probably will not be downtown because of the heat and everything else going on.”

The good news is that the beautiful flowers are at their peak right now for anyone to see.

"See them now, and then come back for the Tulip Time festivities," Kenyon said.

Tulip Time organizers said there are a few spots where the flowers have yet to peak. They said the presently cooler weather will help slow the process.

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