The 'singing sands' of West Michigan

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:39 AM

Chris Van Allsburg is a former Grand Haven resident. He visited family here earlier this month, and took a walk on the "singing sand" of the local beach. He wrote about its beauty in his blog, "The flat surface of Lake Michigan and the question of being."

"It's like walking into a giant, baptismal font — the sand wooping and whipping under my feet," he wrote. "It's the only sand in the world, besides six other beaches, that sings when human feet scuffle along these happy grains. That's what my ninth-grade science teacher Mr. Taylor said. I've passed it along to my daughters, this bit of knowledge; it's the unique sand that calls aloud with joy when we punch it with our swinging heels. 

"And you look up and out, and ah, there it is: Lake Michigan. She sits in calm, cool, collection like a whole universe unto herself, waiting to be discovered, floated upon, washed in; she longs to surround with a bath of bliss the newly converted to her salt-free shores, blanketing them in her serenity. People move to West Michigan just because of her. She is the missing spoke in the wheel that makes up my life."

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