Voter turnout light

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:40 AM

“Turnout is going to be pretty light,” Ottawa County Elections Coordinator Justin Roebuck said earlier in the day.

Of the combined 38,393 registered voters in Ferrysburg, Grand Haven, Spring Lake Township, Spring Lake Village, Grand Haven Township, Robinson Township and Spring Lake Township, only 6,365 voted on Tuesday.

Based on unofficial numbers late Tuesday night, 1,392 voters cast ballots in Grand Haven, 2,128 in Grand Haven Township, 396 in Ferrysburg, 562 in Robinson Township, and 1,887 in Spring Lake Township. These account for about 17 percent of the area’s registered voters.

Countywide, the numbers came in just as light at about 20 percent.

Many voters who cast a ballot Tuesday said they did so because they felt it was their civic duty.

“(I’m voting) because that is what I wanted to do,” Ferrysburg resident Phoebe Booker said as she exited her voting precinct.

Booker said she went to the polls because she’s concerned with the direction things are going.

Despite the turnout at local precincts, officials said the election went well.

“It has been a really smooth day,” Roebuck said. “We’ve had very few problems at the precincts.”

The voter turnout numbers are similar to other August primary elections.

In August 2010, 10,605 ballots were cast in Northwest Ottawa County for the gubernatorial primary.

The results, however, pale in comparison to the past November gubernatorial election years. In November 2010, a total of 18,183 voters turned out to the polls.

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