MAILBAG: Hunting huts on wetlands?

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:46 AM

. Our home is in River Run across from these hunting huts in Spring Lake Township and now a large hunting hut is being built across from River Run on the Grand River (Grand Haven Township?). This island is privately owned and is not state land."


This question requires answers from both sides of the river.

Grand Haven Township Manager Bill Cargo said he is not aware of any state law or local regulation that would prevent putting up a hunting blind on private land. With regard to wetlands, he deferred to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Lukas Hill, community development director for Spring Lake Township, said he believes that it would not require a permit as long as the structure is temporary and does not require any soil disturbance, including fill.

"Our wetland expert states there are also hunting exemptions in the state law," Hill said.

Cargo said Grand Haven Township does not apply the State Construction Code to hunting blinds. Hill said any structure under 200 square feet in Spring Lake Township does not require a building permit. But it may require a zoning permit, especially if it is a permanent structure.

Hill said both deer and bird hunters use blinds.

To Barb's question about whether the police are concerned about the use of high-power rifles so close to homes, children and pets who live along the river, Cargo said state law limits the discharge of a firearm being used for hunting to within 150 yards (or 450 feet) of a residential unit.

"It is illegal to shoot long-range, high-powered rifles in this part of the state as it is too densely populated," Hill added. "I would recommend reviewing the DNR's 2012 Michigan Hunting & Fishing Digest that provides all of the hunting rules." You can find that guide to download by clicking here.

And when "the guns start booming," Hill said to call 911 if it's a safety issue.

"The local police officers (or sheriff deputies) will be able to determine if a violation of state law has occurred," Cargo added.

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