Sewer upgrade planned

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:49 AM

Grand Haven/Spring Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant Manager John Stuparits said the double project would improve odor control and change the method of disinfection used at the plant, 1525 Washington Ave.

The improvements in odor control will directly benefit the residents and businesses of Grand Haven's east side.

“They're both critical projects for the immediate neighborhood,” City Manager Pat McGinnis said. “It should eliminate 70-80 percent of the odor problems.”

“It really should make us a better neighbor and make us a more efficient plant,” Stuparits said.

The odor control project consists of a centralized system to collect and treat combined odor sources. It includes new biofilters and scrubbers; a new odor control building; and fans, controls and associated processes to cut down on the smell from treating wastewater.

The other part of the project involves how sewage is treated at the plant.

“We’re also changing the form of disinfection,” Stuparits said. “We’ll be using ultraviolet light.”

The treatment plant currently uses large quantities of chlorine and sulfur dioxide.

“It’s two highly hazardous gasses,” Stuparits said. “To have it on site poses a safety issue.”

The ultraviolet disinfection process will remove the potential hazards of chemical disinfection, and it will also improve the outcomes of disinfection, Stuparits explained.

Stuparits said the project is scheduled to begin in April 2013 and should be completed by the end of the year.

The two projects will be paid for in part by $1.5 million from reserved funds in the Sewer Authority Plant Modification account.

The remaining costs are proposed to be paid through a bond issued by Ottawa County. The sewer authority can use the county's bond rating, rather than using the bond rating from each of the five communities that partner in the sewer authority. That will mean lower costs and lower interest rates on the bonds when they are sold, city officials said.

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