Downtown snowmelt line breaks

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:50 AM

The leak is located on Harbor Island near the snowmelt pump house.

“There’s been some loss in pressure out there,” City Manager Pat McGinnis said. “On Monday, they discovered this very significant leak.”

He said that it was “hard to say” if the leak results from the original workmanship of the project. He noted that the only thing the city could do at this point was excavate and look at it.

McGinnis noted that the pipes are located 10 feet beneath the surface, and the water table is six feet down. This means the area will need to be dewatered before it is dug.

Once this process is done, McGinnis said the city, the Board of Light & Power, and contractors can begin to determine the extent of what needs to be fixed.

Officials say that the snowmelt system was put through the paces when it was originally developed. McGinnis said that the system passed all inspections and tests prior to being handed over to the city.

“When we accepted the project, it passed all of the pressure tests,” McGinnis said. “You’ve got steel and plastic coming together, so they put it up to 125 psi four times to make sure it was holding pressure.”

City leaders voted this week to authorize an emergency expenditure to deal with the repairs. Downtown businesses and property owners will ultimately end up paying for the repairs. The costs – which have not been determined - will be passed on to them.

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