Downtown costs

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:59 AM

City Manager Pat McGinnis said only a few thousand dollars worth of work was faulty — namely the repairs to the crosswalks.

“I guess that is within the tolerance range,” he said. “It’s no different than any other project that we’ve done.”

Out of 18 new brick crosswalks in the downtown area, only four failed. Three were at the intersection of Harbor Drive and Washington Avenue, and the other one was in the middle of the first block of Washington.

“They weren’t put in right,” McGinnis explained. “The bedding material washed out in certain parts of the sidewalks.”

McGinnis noted that nothing was cracked and none of the bricks were broken. He said they could have been left unrepaired.

“No project is perfect, but we’ve got to get what we paid for,” he said.

McGinnis said a type of sand, called 2NS, was supposed to be underneath the brick pavers. Tests are being conducted to see if this was the type of material used, or if the material itself was faulty.

The 2NS sand is clean and coarse, and is often used as a base material for concrete pavers.

McGinnis said the original contractor failed to correct the problem after numerous inquiries, so the city hired another crew to fix it. He said the repairs are being funded by withholding the original contractor's retainage money (security to complete the project) for that portion of the downtown project.

“We will expect that those responsible will cover the cost of the repairs,” he added.

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