Football's not for everyone

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:02 PM

One of the three so-called Valley Girls, who blog at valleygirltalk.com, described reasons why her husband should "break up with football."

"My husband loves the sport and has been a faithful (Denver) Broncos fan since he was a small child," Lavon wrote. "So you can imagine that he wasn’t very thrilled when I shared an article with him from Reader’s Digest, 'Breaking Up With Football.'

"You see, when watching a football game, there are two types of plays that always elicit excited, nacho-spilling outbursts," she continued. "The first is an incredible, physics-defying catch that no one saw coming and the second is a bone-crushing hit that knocks a guy out of his cleats. It’s that bone-crushing, head-on collision that made the sportswriter decide he was done with football. It made me wonder if others should be done, too."

To read Lavon's three main points and a link to the Reader's Digest article that sparked her blog, click here.

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