Local sword man weaves tales

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:03 PM

In his daily Samurai Ninja Swords blog, Tom Happel relates short tales that he says are "true personal stories that actually happened to me at sometime in my 71 years of life — to the best of my recollection." All of them, as far back as I went, tied into one kind of sword or knife.

Note: Happel is promoting his web store and has a link in his blog to a related product.

In his Jan. 14 blog, "My Japanese Tanto Could Flatten My Tires For Better Traction," Happel continues detailing a road trip that was highlighted by a flat tire.

"I believed that my right front tire had dropped off the asphalt onto the highway’s shoulder when I pulled the steering wheel left to hopefully steer back onto the highway, but did not feel that slight bump that would indicate having returned to blacktop," he wrote. "I pulled more sharply on the steering wheel as panic started to set in; again, no indication that my vehicle had returned to blacktop safety. Once more I yanked the steering wheel left sharply, and finally I felt that little bump which I hoped was an indication that my car was back on the highway."

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