Blogger: Sometimes we have to walk in the rain

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:06 PM

Martin's friend, Tricia Gillespie, is also a blogger. Martin republished Tricia's story about "getting on the ark."

"Sometimes 'going' means walking in the rain and pleading with people to get on the ark," Tricia wrote in "When going means walking in the rain." "For the love of God and all things sane, just please get on the ark already.

"Bo painted me this ark (see drawing)," she continued. "Just two little letters in a name for a man with such a big heart, and an even bigger drug problem. He was the elusive guy who we constantly worked to track down. Word in the neighborhood was we needed to talk to him, get him. He was losing his battle with drugs — not just him, but also his wife.

"And you see, they had these two kids. The kids who had to fend for themselves for days at a time while their father was off on a crack high and their mother locked herself in the bedroom with her pills. For days.

"When we did find them, our world was turned upside down," Tricia wrote.

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