Sad state of repair

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:09 PM

The city's Department of Public Works recently laid out the most current list of infrastructure needs.

“There are some big projects on there,” Public Works Director Bill Hunter said.

More than $28 million worth of projects were identified on the list — which includes high-, medium- and low-priority projects, as well as street resurfacing work.

The list was developed through a complex rating system put together by Hunter and other city public works staff.

“Every so often, you should review and go through something like this,” Hunter said. “It’s very important and it shows the taxpayers that this is the plan.”

Grades for street surface conditions are based on the city’s PASER (pavement, surface evaluation and rating) system, which uses a 1-10 scale.

The city’s ratings are in a 31-page report that lists all of the roads covered by money from the Michigan Transportation Fund.

“Every road — local and major — has to use the PASER rating,” Hunter said. “I think it’s a good thing they are doing, and I am glad that they are doing it.”

Hunter noted that some of the city’s dead-end streets are not on the list.

“We don’t get any fuel tax money (for those),” he said.

The city also uses public works staff ratings of the water and sewer systems to develop a plan.

“When we added all of this together, the lower score was a higher priority,” Hunter said.

Hunter said he spent a long time talking with staff to determine the appropriate projects to add to the list.

“I always involve staff. I don’t do this in a vacuum," he said. "If you’re not out with the boots on the ground, you could miss some things.”

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