Love delivered

Krystle Wagner • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:12 PM

Teenagers to men who have been married for as long as 60 years bought flowers for Valentine's Day, co-owner Kathy Kwekel said.

“Romance is still in the air,” she said.

Preparations for the holiday began in January when the shop's staff looked at the previous year’s orders, co-owner Dale Kwekel said.

Orders started rolling in about 10 days ago, Dale said. Although flowers aren’t arranged until the night before, it took two people two days to process flowers by giving them a fresh cut and placing them in a special water solution to help them last longer.

Kathy said it’s more than a one-day holiday. “It’s about Valentine’s week,” she said.

On Wednesday, floral designers worked late to prepare some of the more than 150 delivery items for Thursday.

While some orders came with specific requests, others allowed the designers to use their creativity by giving a price range and a prompt of “something bright and cheerful.”

Grand Haven Township resident Andy Koller said the romantic holiday gave him the opportunity to surprise his wife with a dozen red roses. Koller said he hoped to sneak home before his wife returned because she wouldn’t anticipate anything until the evening.

“I’m looking forward to surprising her,” he said.

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