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Marie Havenga • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:13 PM

Got baked-on crud on your casserole dish? Don't get hung out to dry — we've got a fix for that, too.

Puny prints

There must be something magnetic in flat-screen TVs that draws toddlers to them. No sitcom or drama is complete without watching it through fingerprints, right?

We invited friends over for Wii bowling last weekend and figured they wouldn't want to sling strikes through smudges. So, before turning to methods I would have thought as the best practice — using paper towels with vinegar, rubbing alcohol or spray glass cleaner — I did some quick research on the Internet.

Turns out I could have damaged the screen with any of the above.

Here's the recommended methodology:

Put a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap on a microfiber cloth. Make sure you rub gently (pressing too hard can cause damage). I found it worked best to use circular motions on the puny prints, then come back with larger directional swipes.

It left the screen shiny and smudgeless — and smelling good, too.

Curtail cling

The heat has been on for months now, so the season is ripe for static cling.

If you're tired of a shocking experience every time you touch something (or someone), try this:

Rub a dryer sheet over your hair and clothing. For gals, run it across your nylons if your slip is sticking.

I've found this to be a cheap and effective solution. One sheet lasts for many uses.

You can even carry a dryer sheet in your purse, your wallet or your car to avoid hair-raising experiences on the go.

Don't get hung out to dry

Here's another great dryer sheet solution for those not-so-pleasant kitchen cleaning duties:

Raise the sheets! They're great for removing nasty, baked-on food, too.

Fill your gunky casserole dish with hot water and toss a fabric softener sheet or two into the water. Let it soak for a half-hour to a couple of hours, depending on the severity of the sludge.

After soak time, simply use the sheet as your scrubbing tool to rid the cookware of crud. It should slide right off.

Works great for pathetic-looking pots and pans, too.

With this method, you can get extra mileage out of a dryer sheet that has already taken a spin through the drying cycle. No need to use a new one.

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