People foods cats shouldn't eat

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:37 PM

In her blog for the Smart Living Network, Erin Froehlich lists the many forbidden foods for cats.

"With a full house of cats, it’s nearly impossible to go in my kitchen without being begged for a treat," she wrote. "I know that, in large part, it’s my fault — but they’re adorable and sweet, and I like being their favorite person."

But Froehlich knows better than to give her cats certain things.

"The fact is, as much as I like to make them happy, a cat’s dietary needs are very different from our own," she notes. "And while my kitties may think they want a piece of whatever I happen to be eating, it’s not always a good idea. Though many of the foods we eat are safe and healthy for our feline friends, some can be upsetting to their system, some present choking hazards, and some may even be toxic to them."

On her list of high risks: chocolate, coffee, caffeinated foods or drinks. But there's much more.

To get the complete list, CLICK HERE.

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