Permit process proceeds

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Not yet on board are Grand Haven and Spring Lake townships.

In Grand Haven and Spring Lake, the uniform fee structure will result in a reduction in fees they collect. In Ferrysburg and Grand Haven Township, there would be an increase in collections.

The municipalities are also collaborating on creating a consistent building permit form and process.

Grand Haven Township Manager Bill Cargo said the township took the lead in establishing fees, permit forms and general rules; while the City of Grand Haven took the lead in developing a standard process to establish the value of construction permits.

All components of the change are expected to be place in all five communities by Aug. 1.

Cargo said the new fee structure means up to $7,500 a year in additional revenue for the township.

Grand Haven Township Clerk Sue Buitenhuis said she has concerns with the proposed fee schedule.

“It is just a huge increase that I don’t think is fair to our residents,” she said.

Fees in Spring Lake Village were cut 50 percent to meet the new standard.

Spring Lake Township Manager Gordon Gallagher said the Township Board has tabled the uniform fee structure plan to "give it more thought.”

Gallagher said the township’s fees are lower than other communities in the area, but the proposal on the table would increase them by 25-30 percent.

“Either way, we will be moving forward making sure that the forms are consistent,” Gallagher said.


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