Blueberry variety

Mark Brooky • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:54 PM

That's what Tiffany Balk said she's learned from her talks with local blueberry farmers.

Balk is the proprietor of Blueberry Haven, a downtown Grand Haven store that caters to everything blueberry. She also pens a blog for her business' website.

"There are actually several different varieties and they are ready to be picked at different times during the season," she wrote in a recent blog. "The very early berry in our area is the Early Blue. Another early-season blueberry is the Duke — also very popular with berry lovers. Additional varieties of blueberries include the following (in order of availability) — Jewel, Bluejay, Nelson, Bluecrop (my favorite), Emerald (mid-harvest) and Jersey.

"Although there are several types of blueberries grown in other parts of the country, all of these varieties are most prevalent in Michigan."

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