Trees go nutty for weather

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 1:25 PM

Many trees have produced a lot this season, leaving a mess in many yards.

“The trend would be the result of the wet weather," said Dan Small of Artemis Environmental Inc. of Grand Haven. "That is one of the reasons we’ve seen a lot of production. Last year was challenging and nut production was very low, and the year before was average.”

Small knows firsthand about the number of nuts that have recently fallen. He’s been out and about, doing a project for the City of Grand Haven to collect some of the nuts from local trees in order to repopulate Water Tank Hill.

“The (production of) nuts and fruits, including most seeds, depends on the trees,” Small said. “It starts in June and goes through November when they finally drop."

Times when there are high winds, such as the past several weeks, really have an impact on the nut production.

“And some of them are more persistent and will hang on into the winter,” Small said.

According to Small, this increase in tree production can lead to more wildlife in the city, all who want to forage for food for the winter.

“There’s no lack of squirrels in town,” he said. “I’ve been getting into fist fights with squirrels in order to get buckeyes.”

Along with the soggy weather, Small had his own idea as to why the nuts are more common this year.

“This is just a theory," he said, "but with last year being a poor crop, most are overproducing to make up for that."

What does this say for the winter forecast?

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