Buyer bonanza

Marie Havenga • Jul 21, 2015 at 1:33 PM

The Haines family of Nunica didn't have that dilemma. They set up a tent outside the Best Buy store in Norton Shores on Monday to wait for the doors to open at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Grandma Lorinda, 75, spent nights in the heated tent alone. Daughter Lorine, also of Nunica, granddaughter Jazmine and other family members rotated in and out during the day to hold their spot as second in line.

“I can take being alone out here with all the stuff we're going to save on,” said Lorinda, who said she gained a new appreciation for homeless people while camping in 20-degree weather. “My TV was $35 at Goodwill. I'm ready to replace it.”

Lorine said they heard a lot of “rude comments” from people, but said the savings are worth it – including 39-inch televisions for $170 and 24-inch models for $80.

Camping out in front of the electronics store, the Haineses didn't have a way to cook and serve Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, they held their feast on Friday.

“We don't mind at all celebrating Thanksgiving a day later,” Lorine said. “We're going to roast two chickens and we'll be watching our new TVs.”

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Thousands headed out on snow-covered roads Thursday night to follow the Haineses into Best Buy, and hit other stores in Grand Haven and The Lakes Mall area. Many of the same shoppers did double-duty when they trudged out again the next morning to catch more traditional Black Friday early-hour sales.

But this year, many shoppers reported having the sales spread out over both Thanksgiving Day and Friday helped ease the chaos and confusion of Black Fridays past.

Spring Lake Township resident Janis Horton hit the Wal-Mart store in Grand Haven Township on Thursday night, then headed to Kohl's in Norton Shores. She was out again Friday morning to scoop up 6 a.m. deals at Meijer.

“I don't do this every year, but I can't believe how smoothly everything went,” Horton said. “However they paced it out at Wal-Mart was great. I never even had to wait.”

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