Highland Park to become safer

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 1:57 PM

The residents are happy because they’ll have some semblance of a quicker response,” Highland Park Association President Joe Skendzel said. ”Everyone agrees there’s a problem if there were to be a (fire).”

The city will install a dozen “hose houses” throughout the neighborhood. The houses will provide pre-positioned firefighting equipment in access-limited areas at pre-measured locations.

“They’re basically going to be on the upper elevation of the dunes where there are no fire hydrants,” Skendzel said. “(The city's public safety) department has done quite a bit of work so they could quicken response time when responding to a fire.”

Each location would contain basic firefighting equipment, including fire attack hose lines and water supply hose lines.

“This will allow public safety officers to move one water supply line down a hill to the fire truck, rather than transporting a supply line, multiple attack lines and equipment up a hill to the fire location,” Grand Haven Public Safety Director Jeff Hawke explained.

The project is intended to create an easier way for firefighters to respond to a fire in the area.

“The geography of Highland Park represents unique challenges when contemplating firefighting operations," Hawke said. "Many homes are very close together in elevated positions. Additionally, street access is narrow in some locations, creating challenges in maneuvering fire apparatus.”

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