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Liquor limits in place at some fraternity parties

AP Wire • Jul 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM

A group of fraternity presidents this week voted to ban liquor at large parties, although beer still will be available.

"This will affect the biggest, most risky parties," said junior Tommy Wydra, president of the Interfraternity Council. "It will keep everyone safe, and the parties will just be much easier to run."

The Ann Arbor News reported that the policy doesn't apply to parties during football games or parties involving guests from just a few fraternities and sororities. Michigan has 30 fraternities. Those that don't comply could be punished by the council.

Denise Ilitch, a member of the university's governing board, praised the decision at a Board of Regents meeting Thursday.

Wydra said fraternity members still are absorbing the change.

"Even people within my own fraternity, they're like 'Whoa, what happened? What are you doing?'" Wydra said. "But then when you actually explain it to them they're like, 'That makes sense.'"

In a statement, the council said binge drinking is a problem at colleges.

Eliminating hard liquor is a "huge step" to creating a safer social environment at Michigan, the group said.

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