New boardwalk restroom plan creates a stink

Alex Doty • Jul 21, 2015 at 2:29 PM

The city has applied for a Michigan Department of Natural Resources grant to fund construction of a restroom building at Lighthouse Connector Park, near the entrance to the Fisherman’s Lot at the state park. It would be located in the old trolley turnaround and include a vendor stand.

"That's an awful lot of obstruction to our view," resident James Rooney said. "How would you like to live there from 6-10 p.m. listening to a vendor stand?"

The planned facility is based on the city’s five-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan, which has been submitted to the DNR and approved by the state. Construction of the facility is a top priority in the plan.

City Manager Pat McGinnis noted that the city applied for the grant on behalf of the state park. The park would put it on their property and the park is eyeing the new location.

Early plans call for the facility to be similar to ones at City Beach. It would have multiple unisex toilet stalls, as well as a vendor area.

It would replace the "minnow shack" restrooms located near the base of the pier, adjacent to the state park campground. The city expects the project to cost $359,000.

Despite the promise in a letter to residents that the facility would be shrouded as much as possible, residents still weren't keen on the plan.

"If it is constructed, what is it going to do to the value of our property?" Rooney wondered. "I object (and ask) that it never be (built)."

Harbor Drive resident Terry Casey suggested that the restroom be built in a different location.

"I would have no problem if this was down, out of sight, by Nibbles," he said.

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