Who was that masked man?

Becky Vargo • Jul 21, 2015 at 3:01 PM

But Lt. Joe Boyle of the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety said the man was not doing anything wrong “and was not confronted.”

The masked man, who would only identify himself as “Anyone,” covered up his face with a Guy Fawkes mask used by members of the global protest group Anonymous.

Dressed in a clean, white T-shirt, black jeans and a red baseball hat worn backward, the youngish-appearing and clean-cut man said he was from the area, but would not provide his real name, hometown or a contact phone number.

He sported a sign that said, “Police the Police” on one side and “Anonymous Muskegon YouTube” on the back.

He carried an older Kodak digital camera and said he was taking scenic pictures in the area, not pictures of people. Among the images on his automatic camera was a video of a female police officer in downtown Grand Haven.

“I was making sure she did her job right,” the masked man said.

The man, who was outside the Ottawa County Courthouse earlier in the day, said his main goal was “to encourage people to support the police … to hold police accountable for their safety.”

Women walking through downtown gave him a wary glance and a wide berth. A group of men stood on the corner, watching his progress.

“We have to protect our police, not go against them,” said Tony Buscemi of West Bloomfield, who was visiting the area Monday. “It’s just a political cause. They are trying to stir things up.”

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