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SL softball wins district title after controversial finish

Nate Thompson • Jul 21, 2015 at 10:57 AM

The runs never counted, however, thanks to the keen eye of Spring Lake coach Bill Core.

Core said he noticed Vanderwal blatantly miss touching first base on her trot towards home.

“Anytime there's a home run, I watch the base runner just for that reason, and (Vanderwall) clearly missed on the inside of the bag,” Core said. “Right away I looked at the base umpire and I pointed right at first base. (The home plate) umpire told me to wait to make an appeal until she touched home, and when she did, I went to the home plate umpire, said I'm appealing that she missed first base, and the base ump agreed and ruled she was out.”

There was brief confusion on whether Orchard View's tying run should have counted, but after the umpires consulted the rule book for several minutes, Spring Lake was awarded the 5-4 victory.

Because Vanderwal technically never reached first base, the umpires ruled that OV base runner Emily Peake also could not advance from third base.

Spring Lake (16-15 overall) advances to Saturday's Division 2 regional at Hope College where it will face Belding. Hudsonville Unity Christian and Wyoming Rogers will battle in the other regional semifinal.

Weerstra said the conclusion of the contest was surreal.

“When I saw (Vanderwal's home run) go over the fence, my first emotion was tears. I was hearbroken,” she said. “But I told myself to keep your head up. It's not over. We still got one batter to go. And then Mr. Core, who's awesome and knows the rules extremely well, made the appeal, and all of a sudden, it was back to crying again, but for a happy reason.”

The final ruling sparked initial outrage from Orchard View, including head coach Jeff Chaffee and athletic director Ken Overla, who criticized Core for making the appeal.

“It's unfortunate that the last play my two seniors are going to remember from their final game is that play,” Chaffee said. “I'm disappointed that Bill felt the need to win that way.”

Core said he could understand Orchard View's disappointment.

“I can't even imagine what (the Cardinals) are going through right now," Core said. "I feel terrible for them. I know they've been close to a district title a number of times and they really wanted this one.

“On the flip side, I feel it's my job as coach. And as quickly as (the base umpire) made the call, it must have been obvious. We made eye contact right away, and it was like 'were you watching the same thing I just saw?'”

Look for Monday's Tribune for a complete roundup of the Lakers' win and other district results.

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