Wolters is Tribune's local Power Points winner

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:13 AM

Rematch? Did somebody say rematch between Alabama and LSU, who battled each other Saturday in a titanic clash of the unbeatens won 9-6 by LSU?

Not likely. Under the current system, it probably can’t happen — even through the two might be aces above every other team in the country.

As always, merit goes out the window in this debate, and computer screens take its place. After all, what do you tell Boise State, Stanford, Houston, Oklahoma State/Oklahoma etc. when they get shut out of any shot at the championship just because well, could any of them hold either Alabama or LSU to single digits scoring — as each did to the other on Saturday? Maybe so, maybe not.

Of course, we’ll never know until there’s a legitimate national championship playoff.

No such problems plague the Power Points Football Contest, where merit is always king and, coicidentally, in Week 9, single digits were also the gold standard. Only one contestant missed fewer that 10 points to achieve that singular goal.

Arnit Churchfield, of Greensburg, Pa., tallied 131 of the possible 136 points to claim grand prize honors and the accompanying weekly cash bonanza of $1,000.

He entered the contest through the Tribune-Review newspaper in Pittsburgh.

The Tribune’s winner was Grand Haven’s Kyle Wolters, who finished with 109 points.

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