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DNR to reduce salmon stocking in Lake Huron

AP Wire • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:15 AM

The Department of Natural Resources began planting Pacific salmon in Lake Huron and Lake Michigan in the late 1960s to control a runaway population of alewives.

The salmon flourished, reviving a sport fishing industry that had languished since another invader — the sea lamprey — decimated lake trout.

But alewife numbers have plummeted in recent years, starving out the salmon to the point that recreational Chinook fishing “has virtually vanished in the southern two-thirds of Lake Huron,” said Jim Dexter, acting chief of the DNR’s fisheries division.

The DNR will plant 693,000 Chinook fingerlings in the lake in 2012, down from 1.5 million this year.

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