SL students complete Laker Loop

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:26 AM

The Laker Loop is a 12-mile course that circles Spring Lake. He offered a challenge to Spring Lake students, and began training sessions in December.

On  March 10, a toatal of 15 runners completed the Laker Look Challenge.

“Students began training in mid-December and dedicated the past few months to the run,” Andres said. “Our runners were a range of runners, from cross country runners to absolute beginners. It was amazing to see the tranformation.

“Temps were a little chilly at the 10 a.m. start, and luckily for us, the powerful winds were out of the south, so a majorty of the run was not affected.”

The Laker Loop Challenge began at Central Park and ran north into Fruitport to West Spring Lake Road, then into Ferrysburg before finishing back into Spring Lake at Central Park. Gatorade stations were set up at Mile 4 and Mile 8.

“All the runners came in strong and rightfully very proud of their performances,” Andres said. “We even had four runners go an extra 1.1 miles to make it a half-marathon finish.”

Andres thanked all the parents and volunteers who came out to cheer on the runners as they accomplished a great challenge.

“Also, I would also like to thank the communities in the area for understanding the importance of bike and running paths in a community,” Andres said. “We are so fortunate to have amazing trails and walkways to keep our athletes safe. During this challenge, the runners never left the bike path in the entire 12 miles.

“It’s great to be a part of such a wonderful community and great kids.”

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