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Fishing Report: Cold weather cools fishing

AP Wire • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:29 AM

Those fishing the inland lakes will want to fish shallow on the sunny days as opposed to deeper water on the cold and cloudy days, the DNR said in its weekly fishing report.

It said boat anglers are fishing the Great Lakes when the winds allow, and reports should pick up as soon as the weather stabilizes.


St. Joseph: Chinook, coho and steelhead were caught by those trolling spoons and body baits. Pier anglers caught fish on spinners or small spoons.

St. Joseph River: Still has some steelhead for the taking even though many have spawned.

Kalamazoo River: Was still producing some steelhead below the Allegan Dam. Suckers and a few catfish were also caught.

Holland: Windy conditions have kept anglers off the big lake.

Grand Haven: Boat and pier anglers were catching trout and salmon when the weather permits. Chinook and lake trout were out in deeper waters while the coho and brown trout were caught closer to shore. Pier fishing was not possible in the rough waters.

Muskegon River: Is still producing some steelhead, those that are spent as well as a few fresh fish. Eggs and flies produced the better catches. A few brown trout were also caught.


Those seeking panfish on the inland lakes reported slow catch rates due to the cold water temperatures. Anglers will do best fishing the small shallow lakes as they warm faster.

Betsie River: Is still producing steelhead. A few fresh fish have been caught right along with those that are done spawning.

Lake Cadillac: Those seeking crappie were starting to fish the west side near the State Park. Try jigs with small minnows or wax worms. Some reported bass on the beds however anglers are reminded that bass season is closed. The catch and immediate release season does not open until April 28th.

Lake Mitchell: Was starting to produce crappie and bluegill until the cold front moved in. Try fishing shallow waters in the coves on a sunny day.

Manistee: Continues to produce a fair number of brown trout for those using spoons or body baits around the harbor. When boats can get out, chinook salmon were caught about halfway down in waters up to 200 feet deep.

Manistee River: Steelhead fishing is on the downslide.

Ludington: Boat and pier anglers are catching the occasional brown trout.

Pere Marquette River: Steelhead spawning is pretty much done but anglers may still find a few leftover fish to catch. A few suckers were caught but water levels are low and clear so the fish spook easily.

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