Strikers 3v3 tourney, TCKL All-Star games produce flurry of action

Matt DeYoung • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:39 AM

On the north side of town, more than 60 teams competed in the 3v3 Tri-Cities Strikers Summer Soccer Classic, which was held at Harbor Island.

Teams of three players per side battled it out in the heat on the crispy grass at Harbor Island, with winners crowned in several different divisions.

“The tournament was a success,” said event director Jon Trowbridge. “The weather was perfect and it was good fun. Special thanks to all the sponsors that helped make this tournament a success.”

Trowbridge added that the tournament raises money for the Strikers’ scholarship fund.

Division winners for the girls were the Fantastic Five (U9), Diianni’s Damsels (U10), Beach Patrol (U11), Kicksy Chix (U12), The Better Team #1 (U13), Freshly Baked (U14) and Lightning (Open).

Boys winners were Brothers United (U10), GR Galaxy (U11), Bus Drivers (U12), Charity Ball (U13), Beach Hotties (U14) and Stars United (Open).

On the south side of Grand Haven, the Tri-Cities Kids League held its annual all-star games at Grand Haven High School.

Players from different leagues competed, including girls instructional and girls junior, along with boys instructional, boys intermediate, boys minor and boys major.

Players were selected for the all-star game by their teammates.

In addition, a home run derby was held.

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